Thoughts on a Cinematic Installation Show

Hey guys,

Today I attended a show called Lush Machines in SCA, an exhibit of the Cinematic and Media-based Installation class in the animation division.

In addition to being impressed by the quality of the work, I was also very intrigued by the potential for the Media Installation medium, as I have only rarely experienced such exhibits. In many ways, they interacted with the audience in ways similar to VR as we discussed in class in their immersion, interactivity, and experientiality.

However, all of the installations strongly featured a physical quality to them, blending media (audio, video projection, software construct, and/or virtual reality) and physical interaction holistically. For me, this was very impactful, as it allowed for a very information- and meaning-rich experience.

Below are photos of one of the exhibits I enjoyed.


One thought on “Thoughts on a Cinematic Installation Show

  1. It’s fitting that they would bring in the physicality of the space and objects within it, given some of the discussions (including within our class) about immersive video and what it lacks, haptics being one element. Looking at the various ways in which different companies are trying to incorporate touch in VR, generally to add to some sense of presence or realism, within the gallery space the intentions seem very different. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts how on the elements of physicality played out in these installations.


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