Can AI Really Create

So We’ve seen the trailer of film Morgan edited by AI, which look pretty professional.

But have you seen this?


Sunspring- A sci-fi short wrote by AI “Benjamin”. Benjamin even wrote the theme song for this short.

AI is like VR right now. People are still trying to figure out what they can really do with it. But it will be a sure thing that AI will be totally being able to take over a lot of the human works.

But can AI really create?

Although “Benjamin” was able to analysis as many Sci-fi films as possible. What it really did was still searching in its database, finding a line and putting into the script either randomly or by percentage. In the short, it was very obvious that the script doesn’t make any sense. It was more of a combination of different elements from different films. But it does not really have a heart. Same to the trailer edited by AI, It was all about data analyzing.

Film is a very complicated media. It’s a combination or evolvement from many other medias. It’s visual and verbal. It’s a lot about rhythm, emotion. It is hard to calculate the data of how a film is made. There is not a definition of what is scary, what is sad. In the film No Country For Old Man. The killer made you feel threatened even when he is sitting on the sofa. If we just analysis the visual, the color, the script. It won’t be a typical scene that an AI can pick up. But it works efficiently.

AI might be good at executing instructions. But in terms of making the right choice for a certain situation creatively, it’s more of a challenge. Thus why people still need supervision to control the creative part, no matter if it writing novels or making trailers. With out it, the outcome might not be as good.


One thought on “Can AI Really Create

  1. This video and your discussion (about No Country for Old Men) raise some interesting questions about the subtlety and strangeness of some films, and how difficult that is to quantify. I think if they really wanted to go all out with this, and do it effectively, they can’t just rely on creative input – they need to wire the audience as well. There have been some experiments with such things (Douglas Trumbull claims to have wired his audience in studies to get biofeedback, but I don’t think there’s any data available). I’d be curious as to how effectively a machine could create “creepy” based on quantifying audience reactions.


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